Trump’s Claims of Fraud are a Money Shakedown to Pay His Lawyers

As with most things Donald Trump, if his actions seem confusing, follow the money.

Last April I somehow managed to find myself on the Trump campaign’s fundraising email list. More oddly still, these emails are all addressed to Morris Bomberg, an alias I cooked up at 18 while selling vacuum cleaners at a Gemco discount store. In seven months I have received 1,543 requests for money. Now, with the election a week behind us, the velocity and desperation of these messages has only increased. I am getting them now at the rate of about of one per hour, nonstop. All of them pleading for funds to fight the effort “By the left to steal this election!”

The Donald Trump ‘Election Defense Task Force’ is in full swing.

In his ever more ridiculous claims that dead people swung Nevada to Joe Biden and that masses of ballots have been discovered in sewers, at the core is a hard logic. And the logic is money. Donald Trump has a large mass of people who adore him and who donate to his campaign. Once the campaign is really over he won’t have a reason to ask for money, to offer them high priced hats or personalized doormats bearing both his name and theirs.

What will he use that money for? To pay his legal bills. After he leaves office (and perhaps before) Donald Trump will have a myriad of criminal and civil litigations coming his way — over his taxes, his foundation, his sexual misconduct, his businesses, and all the things we discover about him when he is no longer in position to cover them up. The amount of money he will need to spend on lawyers is HUGE (as he might say) and campaign funds are how he aims to pay those bills. According to the New York Times, Trump has already spent 54 million in campaign funds on his legal bills since 2015.

Why dive into the Trump family fortune to pay for the lawyers when true believers like Morris Bomberg are willing to do so at $25 or $50 a head?

As long as Trump continues with his barrage of election fraud lawsuits here and there he can keep his base inflamed and keep raising money off them, with messages like these (again, at the rate of about one per hour since Election Night a week ago):

Our democracy and freedom is at risk like never before, which is why I’m reaching out to you now with an URGENT request.

It’s no secret the Democrats will try to STEAL this Election. They can’t stand the thought of America REJECTING their candidate, so they’ll do whatever it takes. We can’t let them get away with it.

Democrats have made it clear they’d rather destroy our Nation than have four more years of our President’s incredible leadership.

As the Trump family sits in the White House pondering the end of its time there, what’s on their mind is not really a plot to stay, but a plan to get his supporters to cover the legal bills that await them when they no longer live on Pennsylvania Avenue.

A political activist for more than 40 years, founder and executive director of the Democracy Center. Back in the US after 19 years in Bolivia. A dad, a grandpa.

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